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My Name is Mahmoud


My name is Mahmoud. My age is one hundred years old. I would like to write what is rolling in my chest. With you, I would like to share it.

Before my end. Please listen to me carefully, it might be that these are my last minutes. This is good for your benefits.

With the name of the lord peace I wrote this speech.

With love and peace, God has created the Universe; The galaxies, stars and planets.

Then he created life on the Earth; with animals, plants and insects.

And man came to this Earth after many of settling of the Continents.

God told Adam and Eva this is the Earth for you both, live life with love and peace.

Dear Racists!!

I was born in this life and I didn’t choose my origins.

I came to this life without an agreement.

Then they gave me a name, a birthday and the country on my birth certificate is Egypt.

When I was a child, I played with Ahmed, Sarah, Jack and Juliet.

We played together from the early morning until sunset.

We were living in joy, happiness and we didn’t know the meaning of sadness, hating and regret.

We didn’t know the meaning of Muslim, Christian, Jew and atheist.

We played with and welcomed any guest.

In life we had no remit.

Except for playing, laughing, eating and drinking from a bottle like a pipette.

And our moms gave us chocolate and they cooked for us dessert.

We didn’t know what it meant to be different. We were living as innocents.

Then I grew up with them and I didn’t wish to grow up. I hoped to stay with them all my life as a child. Yeah, I did.

I went to the school and I learnt in geography that there is America, there is Kuwait, there is France and here is Egypt.

I didn’t wish to learn geography as a subject.

Our childhood memories, lost, between the borders and their limits.

When we became adults, we got passports.

Sarah from America, Ahmed from Kuwait, Jack from France and Juliet from Egypt.

When I met them again, they were different, they were not my friends who I played with and who I met.

I found Sarah killed Juliet, because she was From America and Juliet was from Egypt.

And Ahmed killed Jack because he was a Muslim and jack was an atheist.

Something wrong happened to them I don’t know what?

Politics and education are cursed, because of them my friends were killed.

Dear Racists!!

This is a part of my speech and I haven’t finished yet.

I would like to share what is rolling in my chest. Before my end. This life is very short and the age is hours and minutes. If you do not believe me, ask people who are in the tombs.

Let’s forget our disputes and live with each other in peace.

Peace be upon you, and to us all peace.

Peace be to you, and peace be to us.

Peace to the one who answers to the greeting of peace.

Peace to the one who doesn’t answer to the greeting of peace.

In the name of the lord of the peace.

The peace that we were engulfed by.

The peace that is mixed with the soil of the countries.

Peace that we aren’t living in.

Peace that is not living in us.

Peace that we are watching.

While it is packing its luggage to leave our world slowly.

It is being replaced with Racism and disputes.

Do you know why peace is leaving us?

Do you know why we are living in darkness?

Because we are scared communities.

We are communities that are scared of difference.

Some of you, or most of you or all of you may not like my words.

We are a community that is arrogant with nothing to show for it.

We say difference is nothing, but this is a facade.

The difference in colours hurts us.

The difference in appearance hurts us.

The difference in ideas hurts us.

The difference in religion hurts us.

Even the difference in gender hurts us.

That’s why we try to assassinate difference between us.

We fight over pettiness, exaggeration and fiction.

And we refuse to dive deeper.

I am not absolving any one.

The one who stays quiet nor the one who claims to be righteous.

Today let’s try to dive deep in understanding each other.

Let’s try to embrace each other’s souls.

Let’s dive deep in our dreams.

Let’s establish a culture without pettiness, until we see the dignity in ourselves.

Let’s melt cultures, races, denominations, ideas, colours and religions.

And see nothing except the human.

Let’s live with peace and love.

Love& love & love & love & love. Live life with love.

The lord of all in his high skies, loves all of us.

Oh how gorgeous is love when it redeems hearts.

Fills them with welfare, kindness and washes away the sins.

Kind Regards,


Hope and a Bear

I called the people smuggler on my phone and I asked:  “What’s the plan for today? Where can I meet you?”

“At the highway, the same place as yesterday.”

“Will anybody from the ‘Jungle’ be joining me today?”

“No, you’ll be travelling alone and don’t be late, because the highway is very busy today.”

The day before I had returned to the ‘‘Jungle’’ shaking with the cold. My clothes in the tent had disappeared. It had been raining heavily and I had to take my neighbours dry clothing to keep me warm and dry whilst I slept.

I dressed myself, making sure I was wearing a waterproof coat because yesterday it had rained heavily.

It was night time again. As I stood there….

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